Who is Ike?

20 year old artist/producer, Ike, has grown up in Kansas City, Missouri. He has been influenced by many different areas, genres, and styles of music that are reflected through the music that he creates. Currently studying Music Technology and working as an AV Technician at a midwest university and theme park, Ike constantly surrounds himself with music and audio every single day. Aspiring to reach out to others with his music, Ike has already started growing a local fan base. He knows that there is a lot more growth that can take place, both musically and popularly, but he wants to make an impact with his music and change lives for the better.
With a single and EP already on major music platforms, Ike continues to push forward in his musical career. As an independent artist, Ike knows that the key to success is to keep on creating more music and connecting with other musicians and fans. Producing, mixing, mastering, distributing, and promoting his own music can be a challenge sometimes, but that doesn’t hold Ike back from becoming the greatest he can be. With goals to top the Billboard charts and win a Grammy someday, Ike continues to share his emotions and true self through music he writes. Humbled by the feedback he’s received from his music thus far, he is encouraged to keep creating and push his limits further. This is only the beginning for Ike.